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Download iPhone 6 User Manual and Instruction Guide PDF

The Apple iPhone 6 user manual for iOS 8.1 Software has been published by apple official website. For owner of this phone, you can download the iPhone manual in pdf format. The iPhone 6 work on under GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO and LTE network. It has 4.7 inches, LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen, 750 x 1334 pixels resolution. It’s also equipped with Shatter proof glass and oleophobic coating protection. It’s powered by Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) processor with Apple A8 chipset. It’s run on iOS 8 platform and can upgradable to iOS 8.1.3 platform. There are 16/64/128 GB, 1 GB of RAM. This phone is equipped with 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front facing camera.

iphone 6 user manual

The iPhone 6 user manual is consist of 183 pages. It’s available in many language. One of which is english language. The manual is very important because provide many reference information and instructions such as iPhone overview and accessories on page 8-9, tutorial how to installing SIM Card on page 13, Set up and activate iPhone on page 14, Connect iPhone to your computer, How to Connect to Wi-Fi, Connect to the Internet, Apple ID, Set up other mail, contacts, and calendar accounts, iCloud, Manage content on your iOS devices, and Tips for using iOS 8 on page 20.

Then about using apps on page 21, Customize iPhone, iCloud Drive on page 37, Personal Hotspot, Use an Apple headset, using bluetooth, Use a passcode with data protection, and Travel with iPhone on page 45.

Other information about using siri and settings, using contacts, print messages, using safari to browse in the internet, iTunes Radio, listen Audiobooks, iCloud Photo Sharing, edit photos and printing, using camera, Take photos and videos, using maps, using game center, iTunes Store settings, using ibooks, Passbook & Apple Pay settings, and more.

You must also read important information about iPhone Support site on page 175, Restart or reset iPhone, Reset iPhone settings, Back up iPhone, Update and restore iPhone software, and Cellular settings.

Table of content for Apple iPhone 6 User Manual:

  • iPhone at a Glanceiphone 6 manual
  • Getting Started
  • Basics
  • Siri
  • Phone
  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Music
  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Camera
  • Clock
  • Maps
  • Video
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Stocks
  • Game Center
  • iTunes Store
  • App Store
  • iBooks
  • Health
  • Passbook
  • FaceTime
  • Calculator
  • Podcasts
  • Compass
  • Voice Memos
  • Contacts
  • Accessibility
  • International Keyboards
  • iPhone in Business
  • Safety, Handling, & Support

Download : Apple iPhone 6 User Manual (PDF)

Samsung Galaxy S9 User Guide Can Help Your Problems

Are you a user of Samsung Galaxy S9? Have you known the specs and all of the features in this smartphone? Well, for all of the smartphone user may be it is not necessary to know all of the features and the specs of the smartphone. But, sometimes when you want to upgrade that smartphone or want to know the function of the features Galaxy 9 then it becomes really necessary. So, just for your information, this Samsung Galaxy S9 user guide may help your problem in understanding all of the features of this smartphone.

galaxy s9 user guide

Understanding the Samsung Galaxy S9 user guide clearly

As you know, that Samsung Company makes the user guide in different languages. Actually, you can find the version of the local language for your Samsung Galaxy S9 by yourself manually. But, if you have a problem to find it, then you may try this:

  • First, please try to use English version of Galaxy S9 user manual (#1) that is appropriate for the international market.
  • Second, you can make a request in the comment box. Then, the Samsung will check and fulfill the version which is not available.

Then, here are some user guide lists of Samsung Galaxy S9 in some various languages.

  1. The user guide of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the English language for the international market.
  2.  The manual user of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the US English language.
  3. The manual use of the Spanish language.
  4. The manual user and version official of Samsung Galaxy S9 in the US English language.
  5. Have you found out your official language for your Samsung Galaxy S9?

As you know, when the Galaxy S9 users have some problems, they can ask and make a request in the comment box of Samsung Galaxy S9 that is available. You may ask about the Galaxy S9 new features, the functions of the features in Galaxy S9, the camera guides of Galaxy S9 etc. So, this Samsung Galaxy S9 user manual will help you to share the information in the Galaxy S9.

iPhone 5 User Guide and Manual Instructions for iPhone 5 Owners

Many users were pleased when the new iPhone 5 appeared on the market and a reason for reading official iPhone 5 user manual became apparent. First of all, it is necessary to read the user guide to know all features of iPhone 5s and iOs 7. iPhone 5 user guide which can be downloaded from website, provides all instructions and recommendations of professionals on setting up your iPhone 5.

So, what is Apple offering us this time? At first glance we may say that iPhone 5 differs from the previous versions. We may be pleased by its size 58, 5 mm x 123, 8 mm. As a result, the display of iPhone 5 was increased considerably, its diagonal was enlarged up to 4,6 inches, which greatly improves performance capabilities of this device. It’s important that iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter. Now its depth is 7,6 mm, its weight is 112 grams, making it almost weightless.

Apple iPhone 5 user guide and manual instructions

It is worth mentioning that Apple has outdone itself this time. Screen resolution and colour reproduction were improved significantly comparing to iPhone 4, and it can be seen with a naked eye. On iPhone 5 the image is brighter, more distinct, colours are more intense. Each user will value this innovation.

iphone 5 user guide

iPhone 5 is available in two versions – black and white. It also differs from its predecessors by its looks and location of functional slots. We recommend download iPhone 5 User Guide for iOS 7.1 from our web site to see all the changes in iPhone 5. In short, first of all, the size of the connector has been changed. Now it is smaller and more comfortable. Audio output location has been changed. Now earphones must be switched not at the top but at the bottom of the frame.

Earphones EarPods are included with iPhone 5. This is an excellent model of earphones which quality differs from older versions. Firstly, they have a good design and “droplet” shape. Secondly, their sound quality has been improved.

Good news for those who like purity. Finger prints are not seen on iPhone 5. For iPhone 4 finger prints were great disaster.

We’d like to describe technical characteristics now. One cannot say that iPhone 5 differs fundamentally from the earlier models. But if you haven’t used Apple gadgets before you should read iPhone 5 user guide to compare functionality of this and previous versions. The latest model – iPhone 5s, runs iOs 7 operating system and is powered by the new Apple A7 processor. It allows to save battery. And one more important thing is that iPhone 5s has become faster and more powerful. You’ll have access to the most demanding smartphone games. IPhone 5 user guide which can be downloaded in pdf format will help you to install and set various applications.

We’d like to represent the camera of iPhone 5. As you see, there are 2 cameras here. Front-facing camera can now record video with resolution of 720 pixels. Parameters of rear-facing camera haven’t been changed. But photos taken by iPhone 5 are more distinct than photos taken by the previous iPhone model. You may read about the other functions of cameras and how to use them in iPhone 5 user guide, using the search option on the web site. For example, how to use flash as a flashlight in iPhone 5 and a lot of other things.

What can be generally said about iPhone 5? It is a handy smartphone with good characteristics. It differs significantly from the previous models produced by Apple and another brands producing smartphones such as Samsung. Moreover, one can’t help being pleased by its design and features.

How to Use the Operating Manual for Galaxy Note 8 PDF Version

Are you currently looking for the guidance of operating manual for Galaxy Note 8? If yes, there is information for you that will help you to understand that thing. As for your first information, Samsung has just launched the English version of first Galaxy Note 8 manual user instruction. The instruction to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is available in PDF version. Here, we will guide you how to use it.

Since it is in PDF version, it will be good to read in PC or laptop. You can find the information that you want faster if you read that two things. Although the instruction has been made well, so it is accessible for anyone, it contains the section that will be easier to be managed from the PC or laptop.

operating manual for galaxy note 8

Start your journey to explore the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 apps and features by learning to operate the instruction.

How to find the operating manual for Galaxy Note 8 information?

The guidance to the operating manual for Galaxy Note 8 that published in PDF gave us the advantages. One of them is that we can easily access the information, primarily the information that is currently needed.

First of all, make sure that you already download the user manual of Galaxy Note 8. Open the file and here the steps to make you find the information faster. If you are busy, you can directly search it. You can use the function CTR+F and then enter the keyword. For example, you want to look for the iris recognition. You can directly write the iris recognition or iris in that keyword box. Then, press Enter, and you can move the selection to the thing that you want to know.

But if you want to explore more, make sure you open the Bookmarks section that usually appears on the left side of the screen. You will see the important things of the operating manual for Galaxy Note 8 instruction there. The things inside the user manual will appear there. You can browse it by scrolling down the Bookmarks. Once you find the specific point that you need, click it and read the instruction carefully.

As an example, you want to find the solution about Email, which is part of the apps. Go to the Apps and feature section and find it. Click the Email section, and you will directly go to the page that explains all about Email.

Try to practice the guidance of operating manual for Galaxy Note 8 above and enjoy the new experience.

Check Your iPhone 7 User Manual to Master Your Device

iPhone 7 user manual is very necessary to have for you who have just bought a new mobile phone, especially iPhone 7. By having it, you will be able to learn your new device easily. For you who experience using the iPhone 7 for the first time, you can learn the beginner’s guide to the device, setup guide, reviews, the features, tips tricks, new update and some other guides from the user guide. So, it can give many advantages for you. If you need to download this iPhone 7 guide, do not hesitate to visit this site

iphone 7 user manual

Talking about iPhone 7, you need to know that this kind of smartphone is the newest and best iPhone option in the market lately. It can be so because of the interesting features and specs offered are loved by the customers. The specs which are interesting seen from the iPhone 7 user guide consist of design, camera, performance and so on. So, it makes this phone very attractive about its impressive specs.

The interesting specs of iPhone 7 Seen from the user manual:

  • Design

For the design, this phone can be said as a beautiful phone. The look of this phone is perfectly aligned. If it is seen from the rear side, there looks a black stripe on the bottom. The stripe is there for the antennas to work. Besides, it can add an elegant look of the phone.

  • Camera

To use the camera of iPhone 7, you will be able to experience great picture catch about the color. It can be so because there is new color capture offered in the iPhone 7’s camera which does work well. The camera is also completed with 12 MP resolution that will give you perfect picture for everything you snap.

  • Performance

For the performance of this smartphone, according to the users guide, this phone can present excellent performance because it is completed with 2 GB of RAM. With this RAM, you can, of course, use the phone to run several big apps without any trouble due to the big RAM.

Besides, this iPhone 7 can also let you have several apps open at the same time and can fast switch between them. It can give an amazing experience of using a smartphone for you, isn’t it? So, this kind of RAM provided in this phone will help so much to run several apps at the same time.

Considering that to have iPhone 7 user manual is important for you who have this smartphone, to learn it is needed to recognize your phone well and to be able to operate it appropriately.